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For Immediate Release – June 25, 2006

61 Year Old Cancer Survivor Sets Records in Race Across AMerica

(Boulder, Colorado) – Fred Boethling, a Boulder-based ultracyclist, set three records Friday in his completion of the 2006 Race Across AMerica (RAAM).  He became the oldest solo finisher (61 years 3 months 5 days) and the fastest racer over the age of 60 (averaging 10.31 mph - 0.71 mph faster than the previous record).  He also set the over 60 transcontinental speed record, which is awaiting certification by the Ultramarathon Cycling Association (UMCA).

Race Across AMerica has been described as the most difficult endurance athletic event in the world by Outside Magazine.  Starting in Oceanside, California on June 11, Boethling pedaled through the desert heat of California and Arizona only to bring him to high mountain passes of Colorado in the first third of the race.  The plains of Kansas greeted him with winds gusting up to 100 mph, the worst in the race’s 25-year history.  Rolling hills through Missouri to the Mississippi River closed out the middle third of the race.  After crossing the farm lands of Illinois and Indiana, the final section greeted Boethling with several days of steep difficult climbs in the Appalachain Mountains of West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Maryland.  The race concluded on the Boardwalk in Atlantic City, New Jersey with a police escort leading the way.

Throughout the race Boethling maintained a very positive attitude, even through the physical and emotional highs and lows associated with long-distance cycling.  He battled saddle sores, aches, pains, weather and sleepless nights over the twelve and half days.  Never once did the word quit enter into his thoughts.

Boethling was supported during the race by a crew of ten people in three vehicles.  Their devoted effort allowed him to focus solely on pedaling his bike from time station to time station.

Boethling’s solo completion of Race Across AMerica is the culmination of years of focus and hard work.  He hopes to continue ultracycling and already has his sights set on the UMCA Minnesota North-to-South cross-state record later this year.

Boethling, a cancer survivor, hopes to inspire others to get out and enjoy the outdoors and realize that age does not have to limit your ability to compete in endurance events at a high level.  In Boethling’s words “I am not special.  I work very hard and had the help of an outstanding crew. That’s what made this possible.”  He currently holds nine other cross-state records, a 2-man team RAAM finish in 2005 and now joins an elite group (approximately 200 individuals) with a successful 2006 RAAM solo finish.  He would like to thank his sponsors Pearl Izumi and Bart’s CD Cellar for their continued support.

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