Fred's Records


Among his cycling accomplishments, Fred holds a number of cycling records.


UltraMarathon Cycling Association (UMCA) Cross-State Speed Records

The UMCA sanctions track and road cycling records. Road records include time, distance, cross-state and transcontinental records. Fred has 5 cross-state cycling speed records - 4 solo and 1 team.


Minnesota . On August 24, 2002 , Fred rode from the Minnesota/South Dakota state line on the east edge of Gary , South Dakota to the St. Croix River at Prescott , Wisconsin , a distance of 199 miles, in 10 hours 55 minutes, averaging 18.22 mph.

Minnesota brought on dirt roads... construction... and night time humidity!


Wisconsin . On September 28, 2002 , Fred rode from the St. Croix River at Prescott , Wisconsin to the Menominee River at Marinette , Wisconsin , a distance of 291 miles, in 19 hours 55 minutes, averaging 14.60 mph.


Wyoming . On June 28, 2003, Fred rode from the Wyoming/Montana state line north of Acme, Wyoming to the Wyoming/Colorado state line south of Tie Siding, Wyoming, a distance of 352 miles, in 30 hours 27 minutes, averaging 11.54 mph.


A long lonely road in Wyoming   Fred and Dan in Utah preparing for RAAM


Utah . On May 28, 2005, Fred and team mate Dan Crain (Irvine, California), in training for RAAM, racing as TEAM60+, rode from the Utah/Arizona state line south of Kanab, Utah, to the Utah/Wyoming state line north of Kamas, UT, a distance of 353 miles in 19 hours 58 minutes, averaging 17.67 mph.



New Mexico . On October 1, 2005, Fred rode from the New Mexico/Arizona state line east of Springerville, Arizona to the New Mexico/Texas state line at Bronco, Texas, distance of 402 miles, in 27 hours 58 minutes, averaging 14.37 mph.

Florida . On April 8, 2006, Fred rode from Lillian, Alabama to Neptune Beach, Florida a distance of 405.3 miles, in 27 hours 58 minutes, averaging 14.5 mph

Rain greets Fred as he starts his cross Florida ride...
The sand at Neptune Beach, a welcome sight!

Colorado. On the weekend of May 21-22 Fred pedaled his bike from the Wyoming/Colorado border to the Colorado/New Mexico border in 2 Days 2 Hours 35 minutes covering a distance of 631.7 miles in prepararion for Race Across America in June.

A windy first night with a climb up Raton Pass for the finish...
Coach John says "the bike won't ride itself ...time to go!"


California Triple Crown -


Every year there are roughly two dozen 200-mile cycling events (double centuries) held in California . Riders who complete at least three of these events in any calendar year are awarded the California Triple Crown.


Fred was the first rider from Colorado to achieve the California Triple Crown. In 2002, he completed four doubles - Solvang, Davis , Los Angeles Grand Tour and Death Valley .

Then, in 2004, at the urging of his son, Rick, they became the first father-son combination from Colorado to achieve the California Triple Crown. They rode the Hemet , Davis and Death Valley doubles.


Race Across AMerica (RAAM) -

All smiles at the start line... keeping cool in the desert... a little visitor looking for lunch... CELEBRATION TIME!!!

In June 2006, Fred completed the 3,043-mile race from Oceanside, California to Atlantic City, New Jersey setting three records in the process. He became the oldest rider to ever finish RAAM solo (61 years 5 days) and the fastest rider in his age group, finishing 7th in the Enduro division and 16th overall for solo riders (12 days 7 hours 3 minutes, averaging 10.31 mph). He also set the Grand Master UMCA speed record for a transcontinental crossing. Meet the crew and see the pictures.

The Start... En Route (2000 miles to go)... Almost to the promised land... Victory and Sweet Sleep!!!


In June 2005, Fred and team mate Dan Crain, racing as TEAM60+, completed the 3052-mile race from San Diego, California to Atlantic City, New Jersey in 8 days 13 hours 34 minutes, averaging 14.85 mph. Fred and Dan set the over-60 age group record, finished 3 rd in the 2-man team division and 18 th overall.


Davis 24-hour Challenge


Fred and team mate Dan Crain, in preparation for 2005 RAAM, set both age group and overall 2-man team course records. They placed second overall. On April 9, 2005, the duo covered 424.7 miles in 24 hours, averaging17.7 mph.