Kansas Border to Marshall, Illinois Images
A rare sight on RAAM, other riders but they are all
very supportive and even chat while passing on by!
Amber waves of grain
The storm moves in, bringing 100 mph gusts
The Streck Family in Pratt, Kansas opens their doors to all riders and crews - Thank You!
Enjoying the flats leaving Pratt
Hay bales and ominous looking clouds
Ah yes, pudding and a pee stop we should all be so lucky!
Waiting for the train to pass
We're only half way?
Nearing El Dorado, Kansas
Some Bovine company that are amused by these colorful people riding by
A common issue for cyclists...
...among other things - there is no shame!
It's not all hay bales
But there sure are a lot of them
Begin the rolling hills of Missouri
Fred rides we drive and dry his shorts on the dash
Constant re-filling of the water bottles
Even the cows like to take a dip to beat the heat
Fred signs in at Jefferson City, Missouri, one of the 57 time stations along the route
RAAM Officials Mike and Cindy give Fred some words of encouragement
Mark and Tom nap in the park while Fred gets the RV
Another night time roll out
Doug and the Girls sporting the race gear
Alton, Illinois birth place of the worlds tallest man
Mark cooking up some grub for Fred
About to cross the Mighty Mississippi River!
Ryan getting the shot from the median - don't slip
Illinois is NOT all about Chicago and the Cubbies
Small town festivities
Fred asks if he can go
Some local kids pacing Fred out
Ryan replaces the slow moving vehicle triangle - putting his arts degree to work
The famed covered bridge outside Effingham, Illinois
Looming thunderheads
Dreaming of fields
Call into Headquarters in Marshall, Illinois