Updated December 27,2006

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3 Records Set, 2 Saddle Sores And 1 Amazing ride!

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Race Across AMerica 2006

Special Thanks To All Ten Of My Crew Members


Fred Boethling (62) is a Boulder, Colorado based ultra-cyclist. Fred is President/CEO of CapSource Financial, Inc. (symbol: CPSO), a company engaged in the business of selling and leasing over-the-road truck trailers and related equipment. A graduate of the University of Minnesota, he has been involved in a variety of businesses over a 40-year business career. Fred has written articles and produced films and videos covering a wide range of outdoor adventure activities including mountaineering, skiing, cave exploration and ultra-cycling. Fred is married and has two grown children. He's a cancer survivor and is active in various social, cultural and philanthropic pursuits.

RAAM 2006
Mission Accomplished!!! Visit Fred's Race Across AMerica 2006